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(excluding set meals & happy night meals)
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on orders over £15
(excluding set meals & happy night meals)
Happy Nights Thurs & Sun
choice of six course meal £6.50

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All set meal & Happy Night Meals are FULL SIZE PORTIONS

(Tandoori, Tikka dishes & Nan Breads contain traces of nuts and/or dairy products. If you have any food allergies please inform us before ordering)

VEGETABLE RICE (pilau rice garnished with mixed vegetable) £ 2.75
MUSHROOM RICE (pilau rice garnished with mushroom) £ 2.75
SPECIAL FRIED RICE (pilau rice fried with egg peas etc) £ 2.75
PILAU RICE (basmati rice cooked with vegetable ghee) £ 2.20
PLAIN BOILED RICE (white boiled rice) £ 2.20
CHICKEN RICE (chicken with basmati rice) £ 3.95
PEAS RICE (peas with basmati rice) £ 2.75
LEMON RICE (basmati rice cooked with lemon) £ 2.75
KEEMA RICE (basmati rice cooked with minced lamb) £ 3.95
PAPADOM £ 0.50
MASALLA PAPADOM (spicy) £ 0.50
MANGO CHUTNEY (sweet) OR LIME PICKLE (hot) £ 0.50
ONION SALAD OR MINT SAUCE indian takeaway billericay £ 0.50

BREADS special Indian breads
NAN indian takeaway billericay (leavened bread) £ 1.90
KEEMA NAN indian takeaway billericay (stuffed with mincemeat) £ 2.20
CHEESE NAN indian takeaway billericay (stuffed with cheese) £ 2.20
GARLIC NAN indian takeaway billericay (stuffed with garlic) £ 2.20
PESHWARI NAN indian takeaway billericay (with coconut) £ 2.20
PARATHA (buttered and layered whole wheat bread) £ 2.20
STUFFED PARATHA (with spiced vegetable) £ 2.20
CHAPATI (unleavened bread) £ 1.50
TANDOORI ROTI (unleavened whole wheat bread) £ 2.00
PURI (deep fried thin bread) £ 1.50
LYCHEE £ 2.00